We customize your Educational, Sales, and Training Presentations and

Guarantee you a Positive Impact!

Your goal is our goal: Archetype Consulting provides your Customers, Representatives, and Students with highly effective, professional Educational and Training Packages customized to best present your Products and Services.

Our solutions are your solutions: Archetype Consulting proposes Presentations, Educational Platforms, knowledgeable Medical Device Sales and Technical Training all customized to your specific needs and tailored to your specific audiences.

Your success is our success: Archetype Consulting offers you and your Business simple and efficient ways to increase your value and productivity by enhancing your materials.  We proudly support our satisfied repeat Customers and their Referrals as well as welcome new Clients.

Custom Presentations

  • Professional and Customized PowerPoint programs to meet your exact specifications

  • Personalized to you or your group affiliation

Educational Platforms 

  • e-Learning…A cost effective way to educate and have documented training

  • On-Site…High-level training at your choice of locations

Medical Device Sales 

  • Competitive and successful Sales Techniques tailored to your Products and Services

  • “Train the Trainer” Programs

Technical Training

  • Comprehensive demonstrations and explanations of  ”how it works”

  • In-Depth and Hands-On Training

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